About NHK International

Our aim is to promote international understanding and goodwill. To that end we undertake projects that focus on international cultural communication through the visual medium.

Training broadcasters in developing countries

In January 2013, NHK International commenced a training project for the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to develop public broadcasting in the newly independent African state of South Sudan. Know-how from Japan’s public broadcaster NHK concerning news gathering, program production, equipment maintenance, etc. is being provided to the public radio and TV staff with a view to ensuring fair and accurate broadcasts for the 2015 general elections. Assistance is also being provided to broadcasters in a number of other countries, including Nepal, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. We provide sessions in digital video production for foreign trainees at the JICA Okinawa International Center.

IBCs for major international conferences

NHK International was the host broadcaster for the Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group that took place in Tokyo in October 2012. We ran the International Broadcasting Center (IBC), providing it with highlights of the meetings, as well as providing live relays, feeds, and materials for broadcasters in Japan and elsewhere around the world.

Providing Japanese programs

We provide NHK programs to developing countries through public funding, such as the Cultural Grant Assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Japan Foundation’s Program for Promotion of TV Broadcasting Abroad. In FY2012, we provided 668 programs to 7 countries. That brings our total so far to more than 70,000 programs to 142 countries and territories. We have provided foreign-language versions of the NHK TV series Oshin. We are also providing the TV series Carnation, which has been very popular among audiences in Japan.

Making foreign-language versions of programs

Our program library is stocked with some 10,000 multilingual programs. We produce foreign-language versions of NHK programs for international audiences and for entry into international competitions.

Production support for foreign broadcasters

We can meet the needs of foreign broadcasters by providing live broadcasts and footage feeds from our fully modern studios. In FY2012, we worked on more than 1,000 projects for broadcasters based outside of Japan, helping arrange live broadcasts, footage feeds, and recording crews.

Sharing NHK materials with the world

NHK International offers a range of NHK video materials, including the latest news and archive material, in high-definition, online formats in collaboration with a number of foreign partners, including BBC Motion Gallery and the U.S. giant T3 Media.

International events on an educational theme

We run international events on educational content. These include the JAPAN PRIZE, ABU Digista teens, and the Asia-Pacific TV Producers' workshop for Educational Programs. In FY2011 the JAPAN PRIZE drew a record 335 entries. The 40th JAPAN PRIZE competition will take place in FY2013.

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