Life & Industry

All about Riceおこめ

  • 16 x 15 min.
  • EED7S001-001~016
  • English, Spanish, French, Arabic (Eps.1, 2, 5, 6, 12, 16), M/E

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

Rice is grown is some sixty countries and eaten all over the world. In Japan, where it is the staple food of the people, rice has for centuries been cultivated in satoyama, a traditional agricultural environment of paddies, thickets and hamlets. In the modern world, the natural balance of such environments is often under pressure, but many traditional rituals and events still mark the seasonal rhythms of the rice farming calendar. Rice has also played a central role in the Japanese distribution system, providing the basis of the nation's economy.
By exploring the past, present and future of rice farming throughout the country, this series of educational programs reveals the intimate links that exist between rice and Japanese customs and culture. It also investigates the association between rice and people in other parts of the world.

1. The Life Cycle of Rice / おこめの一生

2. Rice Cultivation around the World / 世界のこめ作り

3. Preparing the Paddy / たんぼを作ろう

4. Water: The Rice Paddy's Font of Life / 水はたんぼの生命線

5. Creatures of the Paddy / たんぼの生きもの

6. The War against Pests / 害虫とのたたかい

7. The History of Rice Cultivation in Japan / こめ作りの歴史

8. Selective Rice Breeding / 品種改良の道のり

9. Harvest Time is a Happy Time / 楽しい収穫

10. Rice and Festivals: A Close Link / こめとまつりの深い関係

11. Let's Eat Rice / こめを食べよう

12. Rice Dishes around the World / 世界のこめ料理

13. Animals Brace Themselves for Winter / 生きものたちの冬じたく

14. Making Rice Cake / おもちをつこう

15. The Rice Farmer's Challenge / ある農家の挑戦

16. Cultivating Rice in an Environmentally Friendly Way / こめは地球を救う?