Life & Industry

Looking at Mediaメディアのめ

  • 5 x 10 min.
  • EED7S003-001~005
  • English, Spanish, French, Arabic, M/E, HD

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

TV, magazines, games and the internet... we are now living in a world surrounded by many forms of media. This program will show how to make use of the media in everyday life. How are magazines and videos produced? What information can we get from them?
Learn how to best utilize information, and also how to avoid danger caused by the media.

1. The Internet / 世界とつながる!インターネット

The internet is filled with information from all over the world. Learn how the internet connects the entire globe.

2. Animation / 「命」をふきこむアニメーション

In an animation, something that cannot move does move, as if it has come to life.Learn how a rapid succession of still images becomes a motion picture.

3. Fashion Magazine / 流行をリード!ファッション雑誌の作り方

Fashion magazines are trend leaders. They are published to cater to each age group, making numerous efforts to please the readers. See how they create trends.

4. Sound Effects / 実感!音のちから

See how the impression of a video can change just by switching the background music.
Experience the strong but invisible power of sound.

5. Common Images / さがしてみよう!共通のイメージ

Stereotypes can often be deceptive. But common images of certain things could be useful to everyday life, like symbols that could get a message across instantly. Let’s think about images of all kinds of things.