PythagoraSwitch Ⅲピタゴラスイッチ Ⅲ

  • 13 x 10 min.
  • English, M/E

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

Structures full of wonders, interesting ways of thinking and various laws are hidden in our daily lives. For example, a box becomes a flat piece of paper; there are various units to count different things; something that rotates always has an axis, to name a few.
This new series of a TV program introduces such 'surprises' for children, which help them see things in different ways once they understand them. The purpose of this series is to bring up children's thinking power.

1. This Will Make You Stronger / これでちからもち

2. All You Need is One / いっぽんでできる

3. It's Shaped That Way On Purpose / わざわざ かわったかたち

4. Which One is Moving? / うごいているのは どっち?

5. You Can Figure It out by Vertical and Horizontal / タテとヨコでわかる

6. You Can Compare Them This Way / くらべるほうほう

7. Reasoning Logic / すいり すいろん

8. A Device for Gathering / あつめるくふう

9. Choose from A Sample / みほんでえらぶ

10. Why is It Bumpy? / どうしてデコボコ

11. It Can be Used Anywhere / どこでもつかえる

12. A Device that Makes Things Easier to See / みえやすくするくふう

13. A Device that Prevents You from Making A Mistake / ミスをふせぐくふう