NEWEndless Wonders 5th Gradeふしぎエンドレス 理科5年

  • 5 x 10 min.
  • English, M/E, HD

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

Endless Wonders is a science program for elementary schoolers. The "Wonder Monsters" featured in the program will take children on a journey to discover and challenge the wonders that can be found around them, through exciting footages and everyday references.

These episodes are mainly aimed for 5th graders. In each episode, the Wonder Monsters present a particular everyday "wonder." The program guides children to make predictions about the factors that are key in unraveling that wonder, and gets them thinking about how they can check their predictions through experiments. What are the conditions? How do you check if a prediction is correct? Wonder Monsters grow by eating what the children discover!
The discussions and sharing of ideas between the elementary schoolchildren who appear, serve as hints for the viewer to start thinking science too.

1. How Do You Make an Electromagnet Stronger? / 電磁石を強くするには?

When an electric current flows through an electromagnet with a wire wrapped around its iron core, it becomes a magnet. Now, how can we make it stronger? Do we make the iron core bigger? Do we change how we wrap the wire? Do we use a thicker wire? Let's make predictions and think about how we will conduct the experiments.

2. Let's Improve the Electromagnet Experiment / 電磁石の実験を改善しよう

In the previous episode, the children thought about how they can make an electromagnet stronger and conducted experiments. Two groups predicted that "the more times an electromagnet is wrapped with wire, the stronger it gets" and did the same experiment using the exact same materials. However, the two groups saw different results. Why is this? When they do the experiment one more time, this time...

3. How to Do Researches / 調べてみるには?

A plastic bottle rocket that flies with the help of water and air. How can we make it fly farther? Do we pump in lots of air? Do we fill it with lots of water? Do we increase the angle of the launch pad? In order to check whether a prediction is correct, we need to experiment. But then, what are the important points we need to be careful about when doing the experiments? When checking how the amount of water affects the power of the rocket, what do we do with the amount of air?

4. How Can You Make Motors Spin? / モーターを回すには?

In this episode, children make predictions on how they can make motors spin and think about how they can verify their ideas. What should happen if your prediction is correct? Give it a thought!

5. How Does It Move Forward? / どうして前へ進むの?

In this episode, children think about why a toy car is able to move on a rail. The rail is fitted with electromagnets, and the toy car has a magnet on it. Why is it that the car can move froward? And how would it be possible to make it move even further?