About NHK International

We provide the TV programs and knowhow which NHK has built up over the years as Japan’s public broadcaster to improve the lives of people everywhere and contribute to global culture.

Nurturing Broadcasting Professionals in the Developing World

We support broadcasting stations from South Sudan to Bangladesh, Kosovo and Ukraine under the technical cooperation projects of JICA, the Japan International Cooperation Agency, by helping them to launch their own educational channels and establish fair and accurate broadcasting services. We implement training programs tailored to each country’s needs to share NHK’s knowhow as a public broadcaster in news and program production, equipment management and maintenance, and NHK’s special strengths in such fields as disaster reporting, election coverage and sports relays.

International Broadcasting Centers (IBC)

The world’s media gathers when major international conferences are hosted in Japan. We set up the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) close to each venue, provide centralized management of the broadcast materials and distribute video images efficiently. NHK International handles every task from IBC installation to the day-to-day management, image distribution and relay support. At the G7 Ise-Shima Summit in May, 2016, we used cloud functions to distribute images as requested by domestic and foreign media.

Sending out Japanese TV Programs to the World

TV is a powerful medium for reaching out, helping people to improve their lives and contributing to child education. NHK International distributes programs as an element of Japan’s global contribution funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ cultural grant assistance and the Japan Foundation. To find programs you need, please visit our Program Catalog.

Producing Foreign Language Versions of TV Programs

We have more than 35 years’ experience and achievements in the field of producing foreign language versions of NHK programs. We produce more than 100 professional quality English programs annually for NHK World TV and submission to prestigious international TV festivals. We also use our global network to produce programs in Spanish, French, Arabic, etc. and distribute them to the world.

Support for Foreign Broadcasting Organizations

We make prior arrangements and provide location support for coverage, outside broadcasts etc. International transmission from our state-of-the-art studios is also possible 24 hours, 365 days a year. After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, we sent an outside broadcasting vehicle and arranged helicopter coverage.

NHK Video Bank – Providing NHK Images to the World

We provide high quality images online from Japan’s largest image library, consisting of footage from more than 8 million news and program items ranging from modern world history to the latest news, undersea images, mountains, aerial shots and even outer space.

Participating in running the Japan Prize

We manage the Japan Prize International Contest for Educational Media, organized by NHK since 1965, which has performed an illustrious role in highlighting the importance of educational content and its global dissemination. The contest has the purpose of improving educational content everywhere, and producers and educational media scholars gather from all over the world for the exchange of opinions and information.

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